Dishwasher Repairs Geelong
Q: What is the best way to clean my machine?
A: Use a de‐scaler!
The liner and moving parts of washers can become coated with a calcium build up.
This is normal because of the alkaline effect of the detergents. The trouble is that the calcium, if not treated, can become difficult to remove and may lead to other problems within the appliance.

The level of the water in an appliance is determined by a pressure switch, which operates on air pressure. If a cleaner is not used in an appliance, eventually the calcium and fats will block the air passage to the pressure switch. This can be a most upsetting event – resulting in water throughout the entire house or apartment.

Electrolux de‐scaler comes in a bottle that will de‐scale the dishwasher five (5) times if used as recommended. Great in dishwashers, washing machines or kettles, it will stop the calcium build up and keep the stainless steel bright and shiny.

Sprinkle a cap full onto the bottom of the dishwasher liner and two capfuls into the soap dispenser. Turn the machine on to normal and that’s it. Repeat every month if the Dishwasher is used once a day.

Three capfuls into the bowl of a washing machine and fill it with hot water, allow it  to wash and then pause the machine, leave it stand with the water left in. After a few hours turn the machine back on and allow it to finish the cycle.

The difference is outstanding!