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Q: Why does my front load washing machine take so long to do a cycle?
A: Because it used less water to do every wash!
Most people who own front-loading machines will be comparing the amount of time they take to go through a cycle to their old top-loading machines. The difference can be as much as 90 minutes. Don’t worry though this is very normal!

A large amount of water used in a top‐loading machine allows manufacturers to clean material at a certain rate within the preset time for each program. All manufacturers have to abide by the set regulations. Our top loaders do not heat the water, so therefore the program does not have to wait to reach the set temperature.

So let’s now relate this to a front‐loading machine. For Electrolux to pass the test of cleaning ability, the machine needs to rotate the clothes through the small amount of water for a much longer period. Which depending on the wash selection can take up to 90 min. longer. The program will hold until the selected water temperature has been reached.

Eco or economy wash will not speed up the time because the program needs the water to reach a set temperature to clean. The only saving is in the amount of water used!