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Q: What grease should I use on my washing machine?
A: There are 3 different types of grease that are regularly used.
There are three different types of greases that are regularly used. The three types are made for specific purposes.

1. Cannery Grease

When replacing water seals use cannery grease which comes in either a 75ml jar, Part No. 0211200011, or a 1L can, Part No. 0211277001. The grease should be smeared onto the surfaces of the seal to prevent friction. The cannery grease is also used to lubricate the agitator, retaining ring and base felts on older model Simpson, Kelvinator and Malley’s machines. The grease is water-soluble and will not affect the washing.

2. Nulon L90

To lubricate the suspension rod pivot points on top suspended machines, use Nulon L90, Part No. 0211200021, which comes in a 125gm tube. The pivot points only need a smear to prevent friction noise. After lubricating the suspension pivots, the bowl orbit will increase, which may lead to increased stopping on out of balance especially on small loads. After a few loads, this will decrease and the machine should return to normal!

3. Shell Alvania Grease

When replacing the clutch spring, the internal metal boss must be allowed to turn freely inside the spring while the machine is in the wash mode. Use Shell Alvania grease, Part No. 0211277009, which comes in a 75ml jar. A number of other lubricants have been tried without success. If the incorrect grease is used, the clutch will bind and not wash correctly, which may also lead to damage to the spring and boss.