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Q: Which wall‐mounting bracket will I use on my dryer?
A: We have a great range of wall mounts suitable to your dryer!

Hoover and Westinghouse Models Pre 2005

For (Pre 2005) Hoover and Westinghouse dryers that vent through and have the lint filter on the door, use bracket Part No. 34628402 for wall mounting.

Simpson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse Models Pre 1998 Malleys Models Post 1981

For (Pre 1998) Simpson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse and (Post 1981) Malleys dryers that vent through and have the lint filter in the rear of the drum, use Part No. DWB001 wall mounting bracket to mount the dryer upside down, meaning control panel at the bottom.

Simpson Models 1997‐2006, including J Series

For (Post 1997 to Pre 2006) including, J series Simpson dryers to be mounted the right way up, the control panel at the top, use Part No. DWB001.

Simpson M Series, Westinghouse B Series Models Post 2005

For (Post 2005) M series Simpson and B series Westinghouse front venting dryers, use Part No. 0030300200 wall mounting bracket. These dryers come as an option to rear vent using a venting kit.