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  • Suitable for ceramic glass cooktops, will remove heavy spills to prevent erosion, pitting and stains.

  • For best results, use when cooktop is still warm.

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Quality Scrapers for Pristine Cooktops

Keep your ceramic cooktop looking clean, fresh and shiny with top quality chef ceramic cooktop cleaner from Geelong Appliance Spares. Using ceramic glass scraper can be the first step towards your routine glass cooktop care. With this, you will be able to instantly remove the spills before they cool and dry up, making a deep and difficult stain. It is also a great tool to prevent erosion, stains and pitting. Featuring five spare blades, this scraper is certainly a great buy. Once you own it, you can clean your cooktop as often as you want and leave it looking pristine.


Helpful Multipurpose Cleaning Tool

This is an extremely helpful cleaning tool that is ideal for scraping glassware, bakeware, non-stick surfaces as well as other cookware. So, it is a worthy addition to your kitchen, which precisely caters to your kitchen cleaning needs. Using it on a regular basis will prolong the lifespan of your kitchenware as well as keep all your smooth-top appliances’ surfaces looking incredibly new. Carefully designed, it also makes it easy to remove burnt deposited.

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