KNOBS sizes


  • The Worlds Best Appliance Knob Solution.

  • Designed in Australia. 5 Knob Sizes. Mix and Match.

  • Easy to Operate. Real Metal Finishes.

  • Flush, 10 and; 25mm Shaft lengths. Gas Ignition Compatible.

  • 3/16” 6mm and; 1/4” Shaft Sizes.

  • 2 Contrasting Indicator Sets. 92 Piece Decal Set.




Additional information

Size 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 48mm, 55mm
Colour White, Black, Red, Chrome, Stainless Steel
Packet Size 4 Pack, Single
appliance Electric Cooktop, Gas Cooktop, Oven, Stove
Part Type Accessories, Kitchen, Knobs