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Q: What cleaner will I use on my stainless steel appliance?
A: Use the Electrolux Euro‐Cloth & Cutback Solution!
With the advent of new types of stainless finishes, it sometimes becomes more and more difficult to know how to clean these new surfaces, especially if you have lost the original care and use guide for the appliance. If you have been using a cleaner and you are happy with the performance then do not read anymore, just keep on using it!

If you would like a safe and inexpensive alternative, then the Micro Hand Cloth, Part No. ACC101, is the way to go! The cloth only needs to be rinsed in cold water to clean your surfaces and will last for years.

There may be a build up of old cleaners on some older surfaces, so for the initial clean use the Cutback Solutions Stainless Steel, Part No. ACC027. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Once this is done it will simply require a wipe over with the Electrolux Euro‐Cloth to keep the surface looking bright and shiny.

Cleaning your home can become expensive if you use all the different cleaning products for every surface. The Micro Hand Cloth will move from one surface to another and will only require rinsing between each surface.

To clean the Micro Hand Cloth, just throw it in the washing machine with your next load of hot water washing.

Great for water conservation – clean windows and glass with just a damp Euro‐Cloth.