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Q: What hose will I use to increase the length of my washing machine hoses?
A: We have a great range of hose extensions suitable to your washing machine!

Extending the drain hose on all Top Loading Washing Machines

Use the drain hose Part No. 43445408, which have a straight rubber cuff at each end and is 1.8 metres long. This drain hose will fit over the existing hose and unless stretched shouldn’t need a clamp.

The drain hose should have one rise no higher than the top level of the control panel. If the extension is then going to drop away, the syphoning effect must be prevented.

To extend the drain hose further

Use Part No. 43445408 plus 2 clamps, Part No. 7550001022 and a joiner Part No. 1060306000.


If the drain hose is extended more than 4 metres without a break, then the drain pump will be working beyond the manufactures recommendations.

Extending the drain hose on all Front‐Loading Washing Machines

Use the drain hose kit Part No. 7801894. This comes with a copper joiner and 3 clamps.

The same warning applies as with top loading drain extensions.

To increase the length of the hot and cold inlet water hose on Top and Front‐Loading Washing Machines: a complete hoses should be fitted. Use Part No. W072, which is 2.5 metres long, or Part No. W073, which is 4.0 metres long.

To extend the inlet hoses on the new Simpson front‐loading machine model number 45S651D: cut the wings off the nut on the extension inlet hose Part No. W072 or Part No. W073, otherwise they will not fit into the recessed rear panel.